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3d models for easy presentation and guide for sculptor, modelmaker or presenting to clients.

3d design prototyping and 3d print design

I work with design company, designers and artists to produce these 3d models. I was approach to generate ideas on 3d and since some of the tools that I have been using is capable of making complicated models in 3d space with repetitive patterns. So I was able to work for clients on different projects. everyone will have an easy access on how the final models will look like in full details in different angle

These 3d data can be exported in different format to be use for 3d prototyping and 3d printing.

3d design wireframe

3d sculptural design

architectural design

sculptural studies

cg visualisation

China Star logo

China Star logo

3d prototyping

stars for logo

Most of the renders shown are not finals and mostly test phase. Extra credit to "D'art specialist" for the concept design.

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Updated on September 02, 2014