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Photos:Distorted Faces

Photography-snapshots page from my oldsite.

Zu exploding face

My father's passion in photography.

I started to make this page last 2006 posting some of my everyday photos when I bought my first digital camera, there was no flickr and instagram that time. My father trained me to shoot photos before I was learn using photography in the art school. We have few film camera like few film canon dslr, a nikon film camera and those old big format cameras. I also print my own black and white photos using my fathers photography stand lens, a lens for enlarger like a darkroom setup , its not expensive to buy a developer and fixer. I actually made my own enlarger using tin can and wooden stand and my father tell me what type of light I need to get . at school we were thought how to develop black and white film but Im a bit scared to waste some of my shots if something goes wrong , so I'd rather have them develop to the nearest shop. I wasnt able to become a professional photographer but I still love to shoot and keep my favorite everyday snapshots


layers of building subway in Japan Predator Figure sewing machine Hong Kong Airport Kyoto Temple Japan Japan Subway Bird at Osaka Japan train station K11 at Tsim Sha Tsui

Pictures from Top left to Right: 1) Sheung wan - view from my old place. 2) Osaka Japan - subway. 3) Scale model Hot Toys Predator. 4) Fotanian open gallery at Fotan Hong Kong .5) Hong Kong International Airport or Chek Lap Kok Airport. 6)Kyoto Temple Japan. 7) Train Subway Osaka 8) Bird at Osaka. 9) Train Station in Japan. 10) K11 building Tsim sha tsui, Hong Kong from I square view.

"Our races united by a history long forgotten and the future we shall face together . I am Optimus Prime and I send this message so that our past will always be remembered For in those memories we live on."

by Optimus Prime

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Updated on September 04, 2014