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3d Mini Cooper

One of the first realistic renderer that I was able to use.

mini cooper 3d

"One of my favorite job in CG was offered by the-circus Tv Ad. To create a realistic mini cooper for a Sony commercial for several shots."

Since it has a good budget and schedule I was so fortunate to try HDRI images to use as an environment base lighting and use mental ray to create better renders. And from then on I keep on pulling out this scene to be render again and again for testings and even use this setup for different jobs.

mini cooper latest render

Latest render September 09, 2012

mini cooper render

I was keeping so much white thinking it will look more shiny , but this was the last of it. Latest render July 13, 2012

mini cooper render

I believe this is my second test render, August 16, 2005

mini cooper going up

This is going to be one of the shot, test motion, September 10, 2005

HDRI probe for mental ray

We've tried to shoot on location some HDRI probes.
HDRI - High Dynamic Range Image , if you are into photography you are familiar with this word , Few shots in different exposure are combine into one file and 3d software that supports them specially mental ray gets all the contrast information in a 32 bit file to render a better looking image.
You can read more here -

mini cooper going up

Using different HDRI

mini cooper going up

Evening environment lighting

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