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Illustrations and Drawings

Pen and ink characters, childrens book characters, drawings, vectors, 3d illustrations, books covers and pages, magazine illustrations, comics, and moleskin.

little girl vector

Contemporary Illustrations on demand. Most of my illustration works used for marketing, branding, web illustrations, books, posters, brochures and I love the most - children's book.

Childrens in costume.

It was 2005 when i started to get back to illustration and I created a little story of an alien named Puff who was left behind by his alien family in a place called plastic toy planet , it was ruled by an evil king who wants to turn the whole place into plastic. The only defender of the planet was another character called Bruce a ninja in blue Puff gets into more trouble when he get into Bruce side defending the planet .

There was a time that I get into Pen and inks that I started to develop my "Kids in Costume" and my first character was a boy in a batman costume.

Feel free to check out and @thewipe instagram for my drawing updates/

Below are some of my favorite

wine bottle illustration

cyclop illustration

girl illustration vector

weekend sunday magazine illustration

happy mothers day card illustration

muscle guy

happy easter

woman with umbrella

baby drinking milk

elmers glue

cute girl

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Updated on September 01, 2014