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Hong Kong movie effects shots.

flying cloths effects

Hong Kong movie effects shots.

Vfx rain, snow, fly, confetti made of particles, and season change effects.

Most of the effects are pretty straight forward and have to be subtle so it doesnt ruin the storytelling it helps mostly to tell the story. I can say majority of my works in films are invisible. and there was a time many of them are just for cleaning and cover ups . I can say most of the job done took a lot of time since we have to clean the shots first before we could lay effects upon them. Lots of time which means like full day per shots.


Stephen Ma's Cubist limited company effects studio requested me to supply them extra shots for the movie ( Year-2002 ). Shots includes :

Rain effects on a sunny day.

Rain effects movie

See the movie HERE

Snow effects.

Snow effect movie

See the movie HERE

3d Fly effects - This kind of shots are less than a day to produce, in full feature film resolution.

Fly effect movie

See the movie HERE

Flying cg pieces of clothing after sneeze

Flying pieces on sneeze movie

See the movie HERE

Particle replacement - confetti

Particle replacement

See the movie HERE

Summer to Winter shot - snow all over the background was added painted digitally and added particles and color correct the footage

Summer to winter matte painting

See the movie HERE

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Updated on September 12, 2014