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Time and tide visual effects

Effects shots of rapid shifts in spatial and temporal perspective.

grenade effects shot original plate on grenade effects shot

Handheld camera moving around the legs, I need to track the shot, add grenade elements and explosion, since its handheld I try to remove some frames to make the turning smooth and more experimental in terms of speed.

Time and tide 2000.

A modern day movie directed by Tsui Hark , I supply this few shots for his movie while I was working for his vfx studio.

3d gun internal parts

Stop time effects . (Temp)

blood spurting out effects

blood visual effects

handpainted realistic blood effects

Animated Hand painted blood effect.

3d gun internal parts

camera track to the gun barrel

Camera track inside the gun

Camera went into the barrel and view gun's firing. Above pictures and the video are brighten up version. Video of this shot is here.

gun magazine flying

After the blood effects shot this shot shows magazine of 45 flying off . (Temp)

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Updated on September 04, 2014